Replace the Wiper Blades

First you need to make sure you have the right kind of wiper blades. Most auto part stores are able to tell you or they will have a book that you can look up the make and model of your vehicle. They can vary in price starting as low as eight dollars.

Once you have the proper blades, you are ready to change them. First lift up one of the blades and pull up on it away from the car. The arm and blade will now be in a diagonal position and there should be a clip at the bottom. To actually remove the wiper completely you will need to lift up the clip and then remove the wiper.

Next, just snap the new wiper onto the clip. Ensure you replace the wipers with the correct size that you had removed. Often the driver side one is larger than the passenger side one. Repeat these steps for both the passenger and driver side. When finished, properly dispose of old materials.

You will now be able to see out of your windows on those rainy days. You will be happy to hear that you shouldn’t have a difficult time seeing out your windows anymore, well at least until you need to replace them again.