Replace Axles

Once the outer end is loose, it is time to remove the axle from the transaxle housing. That end of the axle is also spined and has a decent cut around the shaft that holds a spring clip. The clip holds the axle in place in the transaxle. The clip is round and can be forced out of its nest. By far the easiest way to remove the axle is with a slide hammer attached to a large fork that fits over the end of the tripod housing. Another less conventional method is to use a pry bar between the tripod housing and the transaxle. This method must be used with care due to the high possibility of damaging the transaxle housing.

When reinstalling the axle, take extra care with the re-insertion of the axle into the transaxle. Pay special attention to the oil seal because it is possible that it can get torn, wrinkled, or damaged. After reassembly, front end alignment is recommended. Be sure to check and refill the transmission with fluid and torque the axle retaining nuts to the specified torque amount.