Basic Car Components

1. Spark Plug- The use of spark plug is to bring sparks in the firing system of the engine before the combination of fuel to make the engine start.

2. Battery– To start the engine a car must have a battery just like a remote control items which have this component too.

3. Starter motor- This component is a mechanism to make the gearbox flywheel spin order to turn on the engine.

4. Firing distributor- In order to distribute the sparks, engine must have this as well as the spark plug cable before the engine can run. There 2 types of firing distributor which are electronic and non electronic firing distributor.

5. Plug cable- It is an important part to make the sparks distributed to all the spark plug and the engine can run on their own consistently.

6. Ignition coil- this is a mechanism to keep the sparks energy and it goes along with distributor to spread the sparks all over the engine using a plug cable.

All above are the basic components of firing system in any vehicle engine.

Now we move to the fuel system of a car. It is very important to know that fuel is a main component also in engine system,without fuel the engine cannot even run and the rest of engine components also cannot play their role.

1. Fuel pump- To spread the fuel to carburator or injector we need this component to suck fuel from the fuel tank.

2. fuel filter- To filter fuel from dust or any tiny items from fuel tank after reaching a fuel pump.

3. fuel tank- It is tank to keep the fuel and always located at the bottom of a car.

4. Fuel injection- as a new technology in automotive fuel system after carburator this components act as an injector to maintain the ratio of air and fuel in keeping the idle system of the engine to run.

5. Carburator- the old fuel system now being replaced by fuel injector and the role still the same.