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Basic Car Components

1. Spark Plug- The use of spark plug is to bring sparks in the firing system of the engine before the combination of fuel to make the engine start.

2. Battery– To start the engine a car must have a battery just like a remote control items which have this component too.

3. Starter motor- This component is a mechanism to make the gearbox flywheel spin order to turn on the engine.

4. Firing distributor- In order to distribute the sparks, engine must have this as well as the spark plug cable before the engine can run. There 2 types of firing distributor which are electronic and non electronic firing distributor.

5. Plug cable- It is an important part to make the sparks distributed to all the spark plug and the engine can run on their own consistently.

6. Ignition coil- this is a mechanism to keep the sparks energy and it goes along with distributor to spread the sparks all over the engine using a plug cable.

All above are the

Bumper Repair

o Don’t try to do it yourself. The Internet and car parts shops are filled with DIY bumper repair kits and other bumper paint options, but they rarely work. In fact, many plastic bumper repairs done by professionals are actually repairs of botched DIY repair jobs.

o Don’t pay more than you have to. Getting professional bumper touch-up work is actually quite economical, especially if you shop around for good prices ahead of time. When you choose a specialty plastic bumper repair company, you should be offered prices about 50 percent lower than what you’d expect from a traditional auto body and paint shop.

o Don’t go to them – let them come to you. The best companies for this type of work are mobile bumper repair companies. It’s pretty standard procedure for the professional come to your home or office to get the work done when it is the most convenient for you. Don’t settle for anything less.

o Don’t wash the car right away. Although you can touch the repaired area, and rain won’t do any damage, the scrubbing motions and the chemicals in

Deal With a Dead Car Battery

In any car, the battery should be checked regularly to make sure it’s working well.  Cables need to be correctly connected and battery posts should be clean.  If you’re unable to jump start your car, you’ll need to have it towed to a service station, so try everything else first.  Don’t just assume your battery is dead and you need a new one.  There are battery chargers and similar car accessories that plug into an outlet.  These can be used to fix your dead battery, or you could try jumper cables.  Just make sure you follow a few basic safety precautions before doing anything with the battery.

If you’re going to be working under the hood, you’ll need to make sure it’s secure to prevent it from falling unexpectedly.  A falling hood probably won’t injure you, but it can hurt!  Remember to check your manual to find out the correct way to deal with your battery, especially if you’ll be installing a new one.  Your car manual can tell you more about what to do with your specific make and

Replace the Wiper Blades

First you need to make sure you have the right kind of wiper blades. Most auto part stores are able to tell you or they will have a book that you can look up the make and model of your vehicle. They can vary in price starting as low as eight dollars.

Once you have the proper blades, you are ready to change them. First lift up one of the blades and pull up on it away from the car. The arm and blade will now be in a diagonal position and there should be a clip at the bottom. To actually remove the wiper completely you will need to lift up the clip and then remove the wiper.

Next, just snap the new wiper onto the clip. Ensure you replace the wipers with the correct size that you had removed. Often the driver side one is larger than the passenger side one. Repeat these steps for both the passenger and driver side. When finished, properly dispose of old materials.

You will now be able to see out of your windows on those rainy days. You will be happy to hear that you shouldn’t have

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a process that everyone with dings, dents and creases in their car, van, or even motor bikes tanks can benefit from!

So what is so Special about the Paintless Dent Removal process?

Paintless Dent Removal is the process of repairing your cars dings, dents and creases using specially developed tools; dents can be literally massages back into their original state within minutes, without harming your vehicles paint work whilst maintaining your cars original factory finish.

The process is carried out from behind the dent by an experienced, skilled technician using specialist PDR tools. A paintless dent repair is gained through small access holes, door openings and by removing interior trim and inner wheel arch moldings that lead us directly behind the dented area.

When this is achieved, the skilled technician will take notice by ‘reading the dent’ and then starts the process of massaging the panel back to it’s original state.

What are the benefits of the Paintless Dent Removal process?

1. PDR is a low cost process due to no materials used such as paint, filler or any consumables making the process up to 3-4 times

Car Water Damage

If you have car water damage in your car, you will need to tend to it quickly for best results. If your car is involved in a flood, it may very likely have been submerged. This can affect, not only the cosmetics of your vehicle, but the electronic system, as well.

Even if your car hasn’t been submerged there could still be significant damage. If you drive through a flooded area or there is a way for water to enter the engine, this could also cause serious problems. Any large dents in the hood could also be an area for it to enter.

If you have been involved in a flood, first check all of your fluids. If they are an off color, have your vehicle towed to an auto mechanic. Don’t drive it! You may cause permanent problems. They will empty the fluids and replace them properly for you.

If you have a newer car, the electrical system may also be involved. If you are in doubt… the dash lights on, running rough etc, tow it to a mechanic. They may need to replace the components.

Your brakes could also be involved. Have

Car Maintenance For Women

Oil changes are a necessity (but not as often as you may think). Do you vaguely remember your father telling you that a car needs an oil change every three months? While it’s true that regular oil changes are critical to an engine’s long term well-being, you may not to visit the Jiffy Lube as often as they would like you to believe. Get out your car’s maintenance manual (it’s probably still in the glove compartment where it was the day you drove your new car off the lot), and check to see what the manufacturer recommends for oil changes. You may find that every 6,000 to 7,000 miles is sufficient for your car’s make and model. But if you aren’t sure, don’t skimp.

And while we’re talking about oil changes, you can forget the every-three-month rule as well. The mileage driven has much more effect on the condition of your oil than does the calendar. If you are a senior citizen who only drives a few thousand miles a year, you can probably get away with an oil change every six months.

Which brings us to tires. Be honest, have you ever had your tires

Car Tuning

Car Tuning – tuning characteristics The motor vehicle is one of their features modified factory exterior, interior and mechanically.

The exterior changes are the usual expansion of body, especially at the height of the wheels, wider fenders, wheels with tires low heel, tires as original as possible, particularly striking and many inches – anchas -.

Spoilers, new paint, tinted windows where the laws permit, drawings, plotters – casts applied -. Rear spoiler. Mirrors stylized.

The interior is replaced by a sports steering wheel, carpets of other fittings with metal pedals-pedal – some ergonomic seats for sports, the CD player by a team of very powerful and sophisticated sound with large and heavy speakers .

In modifying the mechanics of the engine and transmission system.

The brakes should be all disc and suspension requires appropriate modifications to achieve more speed, often lowers the height of the vehicle.

The cushions are often cut and replaced by others of a different provision.

If possible to add a turbo kit to the engine and a nitrous oxide (N2O) – taking into account the risk.

The exhaust system is changed and generally aletrado. Wanted better

Alternator Work

Alternators are typically found near the front of the engine and are driven by the crankshaft, which converts the pistons’ up-and-down movement into circular movement. Some early model vehicles used a separate drive belt from the crankshaft pulley to the alternator pulley, but most cars today have a serpentine belt, or one belt that drives all components that rely on crankshaft power. Most alternators are mounted using brackets that bolt to a specific point on the engine. One of the brackets is usually a fixed point, while the other is adjustable to tighten the drive belt.

Alternators produce AC power through electromagnetism formed through the stator and rotor relationship that we’ll touch on later in the article. The electricity is channeled into the battery, providing voltage to run the various electrical systems. Before we learn more about the mechanics of the alternator and how it generates electricity, let’s look at the various parts of an alternator in the next section.

Alternator Components

For the most part, alternators are relatively small and lightweight. Roughly the size of a coconut, the alternators found in most passenger cars and light trucks are constructed using an aluminum outer housing,

Put on a Spare Tire

What you will need:

– A car jack
– Spare tire
– A lug nut wrench (tire iron)

Step 1 – Make sure you are parked in a safe place. Also ensure that you have the parking brake and hazard lights on.

Step 2 – Get out all of the above items from your trunk.

Step 3 – Loosen the lug nuts with the lug nut wrench in a star pattern.

Step 4 – Safely jack up your car. A safe place is generally anywhere on the frame, however check the owner’s manual for recommended locations. Jack it up a little bit higher than is needed for the flat tire because when you place the spare on it will need to be higher than the flat tire.

Step 5 – Take all lug nuts off, remove flat tire and replace with spare tire. Make sure you place the lug nuts in a safe location where they will not roll away or get lost.

Step 6 – Replace the lug nuts and hand tighten them. Tighten them in a star pattern just as you loosened them.

Step 7 – Slowly lower

Info about Jeep Safety Parts

There are several jeep safety parts available that can help enhance the safety in your jeep and protect you and your passengers while driving.

Some obvious safety parts are seat belts and harnesses. If you are building your own Jeep or you want to improve the safety in your Jeep, there are several seat belts and harnesses available at auto part stores and on a variety of Jeep part websites. Harnesses are good options for anybody who takes their jeeps off road in extremely rough terrain, or for any jeep owner that goes off road and is concerned for their safety and the safety of their passengers. Harnesses are especially good for people who rock climb in their jeep, because if you rock climb you can near vertical, and a harness can help hold you in the jeep and protect you. When you are looking at safety belts and harnesses you should make sure that they are durable and dependable. By looking at reviews for different safety belts and harnesses online, you find the best ones that are available. There are other jeep safety parts available like stronger doors, and interior padding.

When you are shopping

Replace Timing Belts

The first thing to remember is to wait for your engine to cool off. You may want to wait at least a day after running your car.

Your next step is to disconnect the negative battery cable. After doing this make sure any obstructions to the timing belt cover are out of the way. This may take a bit of time and may include air intake assembly, the water pump pulley and other accessories. Each car is different and will have different things that may interfere.

You may want to check a repair manual for your car’s particular model to see if your car has a distributor cap. If it doesn’t have one, then it should tell you what to do from there. This may be as simple as making sure the cam position sensor is set to TDC. Otherwise, just remove the distributor cap.

Next, using a wrench on the bolt of the crankshaft, rotate the engine until the timing mark on the pulley is lined up with the “0” mark on the timing scale. Then remove the timing belt cover. Check the timing belt tensioner bearings and replace them if they are loose.

About Cold Air Intake

When someone looks under the hood of your vehicle, the cold air intake is definitely going to enhance the details of the engine. For anyone that takes a great deal of pride in their vehicle, this is very important. If you will be placing that vehicle in car shows then the difference can help you to win more of the top honors.

In fact, you will find them offered in a variety of colors. Most of them are silver but you can get red, blue, and more. This is a great way to get one to match the exterior paint of your vehicle as well. If you love the chrome appearance though you can get one like that and it will match extremely well with the rest of what you have under the hood.

Since a cold air intake allows the temperature of the air coming into the vehicle to be lowered, you will get the additional power you need. This is going to help ensure your vehicle performs consistently for you regardless of what the outdoor temperature is when you fire it up.

The sound alone is going to change dramatically too when you

Maintaining Custom Rims

There are different types of rims available in the market today which includes chrome rims, spinning rims, truck rims and the famous American racing rims. These rims differ in weight, size, mounting and design. They also come in different numbers of spokes. Lighter rims are favored by many car enthusiasts because of better road performance.

Rims are made with different materials which include alloy, metal, aluminum and carbon fiber. Carbon fibers are the best rims because it is the toughest compared to other make. They are usually used for racing.

The early types of rims are usually made up of steel commonly used as stock rims for new cars. Steel rims are the cheapest kinds. These are heavy which only adds weight to the car and inevitably reduces a car’s performance. With the development of modern technology, modern rims are designed according to aerodynamic technology with sleeker designs.

Custom rims also include additional accessories like the spinners. Spinners can create the illusion as if the wheels are still spinning even when the car is parked or not in motion. Such rims are mainly for visual attraction only.

No matter what type of rims you

Green Cars

Consequently, when car insurance is on your mind and you get your vehicle insured, a part of it goes to those organizations which battle in opposition to environment harming vehicles and this help in achieving a better and eco-friendly environment. The main motive of having green car insurance is exactly this. Even though when this type of insurance was introduced for the first time, the prices soared higher than the expected ones, but later as the people started to acknowledge the conception of green cars, they began to show more and more interest and as a result they went on and bought those cars. Up to date, theres been a little more than 30,000 such cars sold and the mentioned figure is rising like fire fueled by kerosene- so green car insurance has a bigger market than any other upcoming industry. In coming times there would not be many of such vehicle insurance companies and service providers providing online insurance but at this point of time, we are sure to see a massive rise in the number of companies that will be providing green car insurance services.

This car comes with additional benefits than you will be

Upgrade Your Wheels

There are hundreds of styles and fashions to choose from. Most Tire and Wheel Centers will have a catalog that you can browse through to pick the ones you like the most. You can also find online catalogs that will give you at least an idea of what you want to put on your vehicle.

You may also want to consider painted wheels or “rims”, if you’re looking for a more rugged or rough look. You can have almost any wheel painted in just about any color. This is also highly popular if you have your brake calipers painted as well.

When it comes to tires, there are plenty of choices. You can get extra slim tires, extra wide tires, extra big tires, monster truck wheels and more. The possibilities are virtually endless in this day and age.

If you still don’t have a good idea of what style of wheel and tire you want, try going with a more practical approach. Look at the normal weather patterns in your town. If it rains a lot Then maybe a good choice for you would be a set of wheels that have extra traction. If you

Tire Rotation

Let’s quickly review. Treads wear down, but it may surprise you to know that those in the front wear more quickly than those in the rear. That’s especially true for front- wheel drive vehicles. The reason this happens is due to friction between the rubber and the pavement. Whenever you drive your car, the friction generates heat, which causes the treads to wear down. As a result, they become less responsive, create more resistance (which affects fuel efficiency), and need to be replaced more often.

When you rotate your tires, it relieves the pressure created by friction on those placed on the front axle. Remember, those in the front wear down more quickly than those in the rear. Swapping them lets you prolong the useful life of your tires as long as possible.

The Right (And Wrong) Way To Rotate

As noted above, you can perform the rotation yourself with a torque wrench, but it’s important to know how to rotate them properly. The rule of thumb for most makes and models is to swap front and rear tires without changing sides. That is, the passenger rear goes on the passenger front, not the driver’s

Info of Hydrogen Car Conversion

What is Hydrogen Conversion? This is a much cheaper alternative than buying a new hydrogen automobile. A lot of people today are starting to adapt a more environment friendly system to power their own cars. And by converting your gasoline engine vehicle to function with hydrogen is a good start. Hydrogen conversion fundamentally means substituting gasoline in to hydrogen to power the engine of your vehicle.

What are the Benefits?
o Save with your gasoline expenses.
o You can get more mileage in running your vehicle with hydrogen.
o The performance of your car will greatly increase.
o Your car will produce lesser or no pollution that can be harmful to our environment.
o You can generally prevent your vehicle in releasing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.
o Hydrogen car conversion is readily available in the market.
o There will be no alteration in your car’s engine in hydrogen car conversion.
o You can easily go back to your gasoline powered engine anytime you like

How to get a hydrogen Car Conversion?
Presently the conversion is available in kits that are distributed by different companies. They will also guide and provide you with some useful information

Look for in Car Audio

Audio sources

You need to determine what audio sources you use often. Consider if it will be necessary to have a CD player, whether you need DVD playback and so on. Consider whether you want to use digital media too. After you decide on this, then you need to choose whether you want a traditional receiver for the discs, a matchless receiver, or an A/V receiver.

If you settle for a CD player, there are still odds that a passenger may want a media player or may want to plug their phone while in the car. It is sensible to have a receiver that also has a port for USB so as to make it possible to use different storage devices.

Smartphone and app integration

Today, smartphones are very common, and so are the apps. It is, therefore, a good idea to have a receiver that connects to your phone. You should look for a USB port and make sure that it actually supports your device. Make sure that the receiver is compatible with your device before making the switch. If you are a heavy app user, then ensure that the receiver you settle

Replace Axles

Once the outer end is loose, it is time to remove the axle from the transaxle housing. That end of the axle is also spined and has a decent cut around the shaft that holds a spring clip. The clip holds the axle in place in the transaxle. The clip is round and can be forced out of its nest. By far the easiest way to remove the axle is with a slide hammer attached to a large fork that fits over the end of the tripod housing. Another less conventional method is to use a pry bar between the tripod housing and the transaxle. This method must be used with care due to the high possibility of damaging the transaxle housing.

When reinstalling the axle, take extra care with the re-insertion of the axle into the transaxle. Pay special attention to the oil seal because it is possible that it can get torn, wrinkled, or damaged. After reassembly, front end alignment is recommended. Be sure to check and refill the transmission with fluid and torque the axle retaining nuts to the specified torque amount.